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August 2008

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  1. Libraries adapted to digital age [USA Today]
  2. Federated Search 101 [Library Journal]
  3. Say So Long to an Old Companion: Cassette Tapes [The New York Times]
  4. Economy gets people out of the house, into libraries [The Houston Chronicle]
  5. MD PL Director Accedes to FBI Computer Seizure; Possible Anthrax Link [Library Journal]
  6. Great minds think (too much) alike [The Economist]
  7. ALA President Bows Out, Offers Final 'List' [Tell Me More]
  8. Small problem becomes big business [Victoria News]
  9. Libraries step into the age of iPod [Reuters]
  10. The Internet Is Ruining America's Movies and Music [The Wall Street Journal]
  11. Do video games make kids smarter? [KVOA News 4]
  12. Uncle Bobby's Wedding [myliblog]
  13. Is Google a Media Company? [The New York Times]
  14. LibraryThing Releases One Million Free Covers [Library Journal]
  15. And the winner of the worst writing of 2008 is ... [CNN]
  16. CAPTCHAs work—for digitizing old, damaged texts, manuscripts [Ars Technica]
  17. Noisy row breaks out in libraries over fines [The Guardian]
  18. Future-Proof Your Library [Library Journal]
  19. Library sets challenge for overdue books [Stuff]
  20. Mindset List for the Class of 2012 [Beloit College]
  21. Librarian writes tell-all book, gets fired [WorldNetDaily]
  22. Book Based on Prophet Muhammad's Child Bride Yanked At 11th Hour [Fox News]
  23. Book 'Em: Library Fees Lead to Arrest, Fine [Morning Edition]
  24. Technology keeps libraries popular [Statesman Journal]
  25. The Internet Radio Death Watch [PC Magazine]
  26. Etched language data will last for 2,000 years [San Francisco Chronicle]
  27. No Brief Candle: Reconceiving Research Libraries for the 21st Century [Council on Library and Information Resources]
  28. Soon on the Web: Dead Sea Scrolls [International Herald Tribune]
  29. Next Steps for E-Texts [Inside Higher Ed]
  30. Grandma Refuses to Return Library Book, Could Face Jail Time [ABC News]
  31. Being Wired or Being Tired: 10 Ways to Cope with Information Overload [Ariadne]

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