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April 2008

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  1. Millennials and Library 2.0 [Informatics Lecture Series]
  2. How the open net closed its doors [BBC News]
  3. Out of Print [The New Yorker]
  4. NPD: 72 percent of US are gamers [GameSpot]
  5. Should the public library no longer be public? [The Tewksbury Advocate]
  6. Section 108 Study Group Issues Report on Copyright Exceptions for Libraries [Library Journal]
  7. Web Site Restores "Abortion" Search Term [CBS News]
  8. Info-communism? Ownership and freedom in the digital economy [First Monday]
  9. Internet book piracy will drive authors to stop writing [The Times]
  10. Rockin' the libraries [Cape Cod Times]
  11. Automated library machine debuts in Shenzhen [Xinhua News Agency]
  12. Professing Literature in 2008 [The Nation]
  13. Trying to preserve today's Web for future generations [The Seattle Times]
  14. He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work) [The New York Times]
  15. The charms of a small-town library [The Christian Science Monitor]
  16. Would robot librarians do better? [The Denver Post]
  17. Textbook publishers sue GSU for copyright infringement [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  18. Potter book 'threat' to authors [BBC News]
  19. Experts seek cure for books [The Sunday Herald]
  20. In some L.A. County libraries, video games -- and noise -- are welcome [The Los Angeles Times]
  21. Turn Those Bytes Into Books [The New York Times]
  22. Journals May Soon Use Antiplagiarism Software on Their Authors [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  23. Science 2.0 -- Is Open Access Science the Future? [Scientific American]
  24. The Great Library of Alexandria [Cosmos]
  25. Academia's big guns fight 'Google effect' [The Guardian]
  26. Snacks in the Stacks: Libraries Welcome Food Amid the Books [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  27. Wikipedia Moves Offline: Print Version Coming Soon [PC World]
  28. The new library fad: borrow a person [The Times]
  29. What If You Ran Your Bookstore Like a Library? [Library Journal]
  30. That Book Costs How Much? [The New York Times]

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