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December 2007

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  1. Children's book outrages parents [The Morning Call]
  2. As Wikipedia moves to S.F., founder discusses planned changes [San Francisco Chronicle]
  3. Leesburg library tries its hand at marketing [Orlando Sentinel]
  4. Publishers Seeking Web Controls [The Washington Post]
  5. Has the digital e-book moment arrived? [Newsday]
  6. Secret archive of erotic art is exposed for the first time [The Times]
  7. Today's digital information landscape [Musings on Information and Librarianship]
  8. If the Copy Is an Artwork, Then Whatís the Original? [The New York Times]
  9. Maine Library's It's Perfectly Normal Not Obscene, Police Agree [Library Journal]
  10. In digital age, libraries turn a page on services they offer [The Dallas Morning News]
  11. A Librarian's Worst Nightmare [Slate]
  12. The Library Problem [Hackito Ergo Sum]
  13. Pooling Scholarsí Digital Resources [Inside Higher Ed]
  14. What the writers strike is really about [San Francisco Chronicle]
  15. Students 'should use Wikipedia' [BBC News]
  16. Libraries facing budget challenges [The Windsor Star]
  17. After Looting, Burning, Iraqi Archive Makes Comeback [ABC News]
  18. Digital divide still an issue in Minnesota [Minnesota Public Radio]
  19. Tech-savvy teens teach computer skills at library [The Seattle Times]
  20. Johnston hunting for books to remove [The News & Observer]
  21. The Looming Infrastructure Plateau? Space, Funding, Connection Speed, and the Ability of Public Libraries to meet the Demand for Free Internet Access [First Monday]
  22. Ten Stories that Shaped 2007 [LISNews]
  23. Thanks to $3M from Congress, EPA Will Reopen Closed Libraries [Library Journal]
  24. Build a library, build a clever country [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  25. Man and God [The Times]
  26. The Afterlife Is Expensive for Digital Movies [The New York Times]
  27. The year in Canadian tech law, A to Z [The Toronto Star]
  28. Minneapolis reclaims spot as most literate city [USA Today]
  29. Online Shopping Raises Ethical Dilemma [U.S. News & World Report]
  30. íTis the season for respecting copyright, fa la la ... [The Times]
  31. Generation Y biggest user of libraries: survey [Yahoo! News]

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