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May 2006

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  1. A Chilling FBI Fishing Expedition [The Washington Post]
  2. Virtual Libraries and Real-Life Concerns []
  3. The Death of Print, Xanadu and Other Nightmares, or, Brother, Can You Paradigm? [Walt Crawford]
  4. Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality [Slate]
  5. Laura Bush announces grants for libraries [CNN]
  6. E-Journal Archives and Preservation: An Executive Overview [The Charleston Advisor]
  7. Educators turn to comics to rescue boys' literacy [Daily Press]
  8. Iraq: the cradle of the written word [The Christian Science Monitor]
  9. RLG to Merge with OCLC [Information Today]
  10. U.S. Book Production Plummets 18% in 2005; Smaller Publishers Show the Largest Drop in New Titles [Bowker]
  11. Scraping to fill the shelves of the Bush library [The Boston Globe]
  12. NIH Has Little to Celebrate on 1st Anniversary of Its Open-Access Policy, but Changes May Be on Way [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  13. Fire reminds us of precious archives at UNM library [The Albuquerque Tribune]
  14. Stop sending me paper, begs Rowling [The Guardian]
  15. Scan This Book! [The New York Times]
  16. Browsing Library Collections: From the Shelf to the Online Catalog [EDUCAUSE Review]
  17. iPod Phenomenon [PBS NewsHour]
  18. Internet Research: Students' Panacea? [The Hartford Courant]
  19. ref*er*ence pub*lish*ing [Book Business]
  20. Life On The Web's Factory Floor [BusinessWeek]
  21. 'Saddam novel' on sale in Tokyo [BBC News]
  22. Managing the Library's Corporate Culture for Organizational Efficiency, Productivity, and Enhanced Service [Library Philosophy and Practice]
  23. Next-Generation Textbooks: Book Smarts [Campus Technology]
  24. Gays' place in textbooks: Debate is on [The Sacramento Bee]
  25. Saudi Textbooks Still Teach Hate, Group Says [Morning Edition]
  26. Explosive Words [The Washington Post]
  27. Life-Expectancy of Bestsellers Plummets, Finds Study [Lulu]
  28. Web inventor warns of 'dark' net [BBC News]
  29. Is the lifting of library fines long overdue? [The Christian Science Monitor]
  30. White House Wants NSA Lawsuits Nixed [CBS News]
  31. Conn. librarians bitterly decry gag order in Patriot Act case [The Boston Globe]

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