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July 2005

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  1. Publishing makes shift to digital [BBC News]
  2. Despite reports, Grokster decision is a win for file sharing [USA Today]
  3. Ray Bradbury condemns Cuban book burning [WorldNetDaily]
  4. New test would measure students' Web wisdom [CNN]
  5. Talking books carve a niche [International Herald Tribune]
  6. OCLC Pilots Traditional Libraries into Web Services [Information Today]
  7. Casa di Libri N1 [Livio De Marchi]
  8. Main Page [LISWiki]
  9. Virginia teachers incorporate Potter books in remedial science program for middle-schoolers [MSNBC]
  10. Turning kids into happy readers [The Star]
  11. Angry librarian's darts sting the world of poetry [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  12. Southern Arizona school goes textbook-free, the first in the state [Arizona Daily Sun]
  13. The Future of the Book [Global Politician]
  14. Web archive sued over use in another suit [CNET]
  15. Papa's Got A Brand New (Virtual) Bag: Real-Time Chat and Reference Discourse [Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship]
  16. For a little cash, you can sponsor part of a library [ABC News]
  17. Fujitsu creates 'first' colour, non-volatile e-paper [The Register]
  18. Google Print for Libraries [Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers]
  19. The Video Game Librarian: Six Months Later [Gaming Target]
  20. Folksonomies: power to the people [Incontro ISKO Italia - UniMIB]
  21. Turning books into bits [MSNBC]
  22. The Looming Threat of Piracy: How Publishers Are Losing More Than Half a Billion Bucks Overseas While Keeping Quiet at Home [The Book Standard]
  23. Hand Bookbindings [Princeton University Library]
  24. Don't Count Out Law Librarians [The American Lawyer]
  25. Holy Homework! Comics Hit Schools [Wired News]
  26. Library leader questions Patriot Act [The Boston Globe]
  27. Harry Potter, saviour of the publishing industry? [Political Affairs Magazine]
  28. Whose Work Is It, Anyway? [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  29. Reading Between the Lines of Used Book Sales [The New York Times]
  30. Lawyers' Delight: Old Web Material Doesn't Disappear [The Wall Street Journal]
  31. Tearing down those knowledge walls [The Financial Express]

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