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May 2005

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  1. Cities should think carefully before jumping on WiFi bandwagon []
  2. The Bookless Future [The New Republic]
  3. Robotic cranes will serve patrons of new USU library this fall [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  4. 'Tagging' helps unclutter data [CNN]
  5. The Entry Level Gap [Library Journal]
  6. Searching Books Between the Covers [Online]
  7. Antipiracy Rule for Broadcasts Is Struck Down [The New York Times]
  8. On the Theory of Library Catalogs and Search Engines [Bernhard Eversberg]
  9. Newsflash! Subject Headings not boring! [Marginal Librarian]
  10. Congress plans scrutiny of Patriot Act [CNET]
  11. Your Internet Search Results, in the Round [The New York Times]
  12. Clermont library may charge [The Cincinnati Enquirer]
  13. Dutch academics declare research free-for-all [The Register]
  14. 'Guys Read:' Encouraging Boys to Love Books [All Things Considered]
  15. College Libraries Set Aside Books in a Digital Age [The New York Times]
  16. History will vanish into the ether [The Australian]
  17. A captive readership [The Citizen]
  18. Wal-Mart apologizing for ad showing Nazi-era book fire [USA Today]
  19. In a library near you: Stacks of DVDs [MSNBC News]
  20. Librarian's brush with FBI shapes her view of the USA Patriot Act [USA Today]
  21. Library card? Check. Fingerprint? Really? [Chicago Tribune]
  22. A different sort of campus copyright fight [MSNBC News]
  23. Library board restores ‘Bill of Rights’ [The Kansas City Star]
  24. The Importance of Open Access, Open Source, and Open Standards for Libraries [Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship]
  25. Tabloids beat libraries for the facts that matter [The Guardian]
  26. Google's books online under fire [BBC News]
  27. Get a guy to read? Try making it gross [The Enquirer]
  28. Tectonic Shifts in Scholarly Publishing [The Charleston Advisor]
  29. In Recovery [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  30. Archiving War Veterans' Memories Online [ABC News]
  31. That Sinking Feeling [Urban Legends Reference Pages]

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