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October 2004

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  1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee [Technology Review]
  2. Porn Star(s) in the Library? [Library Journal]
  3. Rushdie anger over 'snooping' law [BBC News]
  4. RFID library opens tomorrow [Stuff]
  5. Are book tags a threat? [The Christian Science Monitor]
  6. E-Rate Encounters Flak in Senate [The Washington Post]
  7. Google Print Expands Access to Books with Digitization Offer to All Publishers [Information Today]
  8. In South Jersey: Two magazines with the same name go to court [Newsday]
  9. The freedom to edit [International Herald Tribune]
  10. Barry the Book on trail of bad borrowers [ManchesterOnline]
  11. Thoughts about Federated Searching [Péter Jacsó]
  12. Books cost big bucks [Hampton Roads Daily Press]
  13. Take My Music . . . Please [Newsweek]
  15. Where Some See Just a Shock Jock, Sirius Sees a Top Pitchman [The New York Times]
  16. High-tech security for ancient books [CNN]
  17. Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History [The Los Angeles Times]
  18. Starbucks To Add Kiosks Where Customers Can Burn CDs [E-Commerce News]
  19. Pleasanton: Dog-eared companions [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  20. E-Books: Challenges and Opportunities [D-Lib Magazine]
  21. Placements and Salaries 2003: Jobs! (Eventually) [Library Journal]
  22. Mrs Kerry sorry for Mrs Bush slur [BBC News]
  23. 2004 Information Format Trends: Content, Not Containers [OCLC]
  24. Quirky Book Promotion: "Call Them All" Grassroots Contest... Will Librarians Heed the Calls? [EMediaWire]
  25. Southington Library to suspend fines in return for donations [The Bristol Press]
  26. It's Like a Blog, But It's a Wiki [Newsweek]
  27. Do Open Access Articles Have a Greater Research Impact? [College & Research Libraries]
  28. Phonics Tutoring Helps Defeat Dyslexia [WebMD]
  29. Medical journal to post research online [CNN]
  30. Willard Library Ghost Cams [Evansville Courier & Press]
  31. The Dangers of Uniformity [American Libraries]

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