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April 2004

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  1. Freedom to Read Protection Act passes House Vote [FOX News]
  2. Eat your words and like it [The Akron Beacon Journal]
  3. Electronic Snoops Tackle Copiers [Wired News]
  4. Everyone is a critic [The Los Angeles Times]
  5. Information, free no more [The Star-Ledger]
  6. Library police works by the book, in a very nice way [The Journal News]
  8. Scientists seek 'map of science' [BBC News]
  9. Putting Your Ph.D. to Work in the Library [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  10. The Crepuscule [Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop]
  11. Disposable Scholarship? [EDUCAUSE Quarterly]
  12. Toward a More Practical Patriotism [Computers in Libraries]
  13. Lawfully Surfing the Net: Disabling Public Library Internet Filters to Avoid More Lawsuits in the United States [First Monday]
  14. Cursor Miner's Library [Cheeky Beef]
  15. The nature of meaning in the age of Google [Information Research]
  16. Schools Turn to Software to Help Stop Plagiarism [The Washington Post]
  17. 'Googling' for research papers made easier [The Indiana Daily Student]
  18. "Reversing Vandalism" [Slate]
  19. Luring readers with tacos [Summit Daily News]
  20. Open all hours [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  21. Not Censorship But Selection [Wilson Library Bulletin]
  22. Libraries Wired, and Reborn [The New York Times]
  23. Library opens Internet cafe [The Auburn Plainsman]
  24. City pitches for world's literary crown [The Scotsman]
  25. Google In Controversy Over Top-Ranking For Anti-Jewish Site [SearchDay]
  26. Forces of 'barbaric illiteracy' too strong [CNN]
  27. Report and recommendations of the Affiliated Libraries-The Library Task Force [Librarians Association of the University of California Berkeley Division]
  28. Students set to hit the latest e-books [MSNBC News]
  29. British libraries could shut by 2020 [The Guardian]
  30. Thumbs up for library fingerprint scheme [The New Zealand Herald]

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