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October 2003

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  1. Laura Bush Promotes America With Books [The Moscow Times]
  2. How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet [Searcher Magazine]
  3. Trumping Google? Metasearching's Promise [Library Journal]
  4. It Sucks, but That's a Good Thing [Wired News]
  5. Libraries eye RFID to track books [MSNBC News]
  6. Putting the fun into reading [BBC News]
  7. Libraries' Consortium Conundrum [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  8. Studying special collections and the Web [First Monday]
  9. LeapFrog sues Mattel unit [CNN]
  10. Liberate your bookshelves [BBC News]
  11. Hiring Preferences in Libraries: Perceptions of MLS graduates with online degrees [Maureen Wynkoop]
  12. 101st on-base library opens in Mosul [The Leaf-Chronicle]
  13. New Science Mag Spikes Tradition [Wired News]
  14. The little co-op that could: Slug Books thrives [Santa Cruz Sentinel]
  15. Man Loses Lawsuit Over Going Barefoot In Library [Ohio News Network]
  16. On-line Publishing in the 21st Century [D-Lib Magazine]
  17. The Great Escape [City Limits Monthly]
  18. The Click and Clash of Generations [Library Journal]
  19. Mosher admits to child porn charges [The Daily Pennsylvanian]
  20. The Pope is Dying: It's Time to Come Clean []
  21. Five personality dimensions and their influence on information behaviour [Information Research]
  22. Selling Graphic Novels to Retailers [Publishers Weekly]
  23. The Hiring Tide Turns For Corporate Librarians [CareerJournal]
  24. Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists [Council on Library and Information Resources]
  25. Libraries in the online environment [Senate of Australia]
  26. The self-education of systems librarians [Library Hi Tech]
  27. Amazon Launches Full-Text Database of 120,000 Trade Books, With Dubious Authority [The Authors Guild]
  28. Libraries need to mind their own business [The Globe and Mail]
  29. What Children Can Teach Us: Developing Digital Libraries for Children with Children [Allison Druin]
  30. Will U.S. Sanctions Have Chilling Effect on Scholarly Publishing? [IEEE Spectrum]
  31. Developing accessible library services [Update]

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