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August 2003

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  1. Publishers Take Aim at College-Town Copy Shops Over Copyrights [Associated Press]
  2. Multiple-use Bookcase [Ibis]
  3. Domesday Redux: The rescue of the BBC Domesday Project videodiscs [Ariadne]
  4. Raves for new San Jose library Unique project joins collections of city, college [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  5. Blogs for Libraries [WebJunction]
  6. The old bookshop's new site [The Age]
  7. Saving Kids From Despair [School Library Journal]
  8. A Fight for Free Access To Medical Research [The Washington Post]
  9. Patriot Act Foes Say Tide Now Turning in Their Direction [Publishers Weekly]
  10. Steal This Book [Slate]
  11. New lease of life for rare manuscripts [The Tribune]
  12. The Battle for the Books [Deutsche Welle]
  13. Supreme Court Denies Castillo Appeal [Comic Book Legal Defense Fund]
  14. Revolution or evolution? [EMBO Reports]
  15. UCITA Stopped, But Librarians and Consumers Remain Vigilant [Information Today]
  16. 12 Minneapolis librarians settle Internet porn case [Star Tribune]
  17. The Ten Immutable Laws of Security [Microsoft TechNet]
  18. Libraries blamed for their own decline [The Guardian]
  19. The hidden dangers of documents [BBC News]
  20. Fair Use Under Fire [Library Journal]
  21. A textbook case of bad science [Salon]
  22. Redefining the Role of the Library [Ubiquity]
  23. Professional Competencies for Reference and User Services Librarians [American Library Association]
  24. Selling Out: a Textbook Example [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  25. The Distributed Library Project [Mike Benham]
  26. Fox drops suit against Al Franken [Star Tribune]
  27. Library of Congress to Show New Cartoons [The Guardian]
  28. Technostress in the Bionic Library [John Kupersmith]
  29. The successful future of the librarian: bookman or knowledge worker? [Australian Academic & Research Libraries]
  30. HP Wants to Overhaul E-Books [PC Magazine]
  31. Upgrade and Archive: The Ongoing Threat of Data Extinction [E-Commerce Times]

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