Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

[At Fort Eorlingas, Uruks try to break through the inner door.]

Théoden: "The fortress is taken. It is over."

Aragorn: "You said this fortress would never fall while your men defend it. They still defend it. They have died defending it!"

[A loud bang at the door is heard. The women and children in the caves cower in fear.]

Aragorn: "Is there no other way for the women and children to get out of the caves?"

[The king and his men remain silent.]

Aragorn: "Is there no other way?"

Gamling: "There is one passage. It leads into the mountains. But they will not get far. The Uruk-hai are too many."

[Aragorn grabs Gamling by his shoulder.]

Aragorn: "Send word for the women and children to make for the mountain pass. And barricade the entrance!"

Théoden: "So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate?"

[The Uruk-hai keep trying to break the door.]

Aragorn: "Ride out with me."

[Théoden turns to face Aragorn.]

Aragorn: "Ride out and meet them."

Théoden: "For death and glory?"

Aragorn: "For Rohan. For your people."

Gimli: "The sun is rising."

[Aragorn looks up to the window as the sun rises.]

Gandalf (voiceover): "Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East."

Théoden: "Yes. Yes! The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the deep, one last time."

Gimli: "Yes!"

[Gimli climbs up to blow the horn.]

Théoden: "Let this be the hour when we draw swords together."

Théoden: "Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath. Now for ruin. And the red dawn!"

[Gimli blows in to the horn and the doors give in.]

Théoden: "Forð Eorlingas!"

[The King rides out with Aragorn, Legolas and his men by his side. They fight as Gimli blows the horn.]

[The men fight down the causeway into the Uruk army. Aragorn stops and looks up. He sees Gandalf on the back of Shadowfax.]

Aragorn: "Gandalf."

[Théoden turns to look up.]

Gandalf: "Théoden king stands alone."

[Èomer rides up alongside Gandalf.]

Èomer: "Not alone."

[Èomer draws his sword.]

Èomer: "Rohirrim!"

Théoden: "Èomer!"

Èomer: "To the king!"

[Gandalf and the Rohirrim charge down a hill to Uruk-hai.]

[The Uruk-hai point their spears at them, but are blinded when the sun rises. They fight.]

[Ents enter Isengard, throwing boulders.]

[Orcs try to defend the Isengard, but are squashed by the Ents. One of the Ents is pulled down, and orcs climb on to it, chopping it with their axes. Treebeard then throws a stone, saving his fellow Ent. The hobbits cheer.]

[Saruman runs out to his balcony and watches.]

[Merry and Pippin throw rocks on the orcs below.]

Treebeard: "A hit. A fine hit."

[One of the Ents is set on fire with lit arrows. Saruman watches at his balcony.]

Treebeard: "Break the dam! Release the river!"

[An Ent pulls open the beams supporting the dam.]

[The dam breaks and masses of water flow in.]

Merry: "Pippin, hold on!"

Treebeard: "Hold on, little hobbits!"

[The Ents stand still and resist the waters, as they flow down in to the fires of Isengard, flooding everything. The Ent on fire is saved by the water.]