Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

[Men and elves stand at Helm's Deep.]

[Saruman's army slowly approaches, shouting and rumbling.]

[Legolas and Gimli stand at the wall. Gimli has some trouble seeing over the wall.]

Gimli: "Argh. You could have picked a better spot."

[Aragorn comes to them.]

Gimli: "Well lad, the luck you live by, let's hope it lasts the night."

[There is lightning and a rumble of thunder.]

Legolas: "Your friends are with you, Aragorn."

Gimli: "Let's hope they last the night."

[Théoden and his men watch on as it starts to rain.]

[The troops of Saruman walk forward, carrying torches and long spears.]

[The women and children sit silently in the caves, listening.]

[Aragorn walks back and forth on the wall.]

Aragorn: "A Eruchîn, ú-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas!" (Show them no mercy! For you shall receive none!)

[The Uruk-hai stop. Aragorn walks forward and looks down at the huge army.]

Gimli: "What's happening out there?"

Legolas: "Shall I describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?"

Gimli: (Laughs.)

[The Uruks pound their spears and roar. The men and elves in the fortress ready their weapons.]

[And old man accidentally shoots an arrow, hitting an orc.]

[Everything goes silent, as the orc falls down, dead.]

Aragorn: "Dartho!" (Hold!)

[The Uruks roar in anger and charge.]

Théoden: "So it begins."

[As the army below runs forward, the elves prepare to shoot their arrows.]

Legolas: "Faeg i-varv dîn na lanc a nu ranc." (Their armor is weak at the neck and under the arms.)

Aragorn: "Leithio i philinn!" (Fire!)

[The bows are released and the Uruks showered with arrows.]

Gimli: "Anybody hit anything?"

Théoden: "Give them a volley."

Gamling: "Fire!"

[More arrows are shot.]

Aragorn: "Tangado a chadad!" (Keep firing!)

Gimli: "Come on! Send them to me!"

[Many Uruks fall dead. The Uruks shoot arrows back. A dead elf falls from the wall. The Uruks put up ladders.]

Aragorn: "Pendraid!" (Ladders!)

Gimli: "Good!"

[The Uruk-hai climb the ladders. Heavy fighting follows.]

Gimli: "Legolas, two already!"

Legolas: "I'm on seventeen!"

Gimli: "Argh! I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!"

Legolas: "Nineteen!"

[More ladders rise against the walls.]