Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

[Háma and Gamling ride to the front of the column. Legolas stands a small distance away, scanning the surroundings.]

Gamling: "What is it? Háma?"

[Their horses are restless.]

Háma: "I'm not sure."

[A warg scout appears above them and charges towards them.]

[The warg attacks Háma, killing him.]

[Gamling fights with the scout. Legolas shoots the warg with his bow.]

[Legolas kills the scout, but not before he yells out.]

Legolas: "A scout!"

Théoden: "What is it? What do you see?"

Aragorn: "Wargs! We are under attack!"

[The villagers panic.]

Théoden: "All riders to the head of the column!"

Gimli: "C'mon get me up here, I'm a fighter. Argh!"

[Legolas spots the warg pack running towards them.]

Théoden: "You must lead the people to Helm's Deep and make haste."

Èowyn: "I can fight!"

Théoden: "No! You must do this — for me."

Théoden: "Follow me! Argh!"

Gimli: "Forward, forward, march forward."

Èowyn: "Make for the lower ground. Stick together!"

[Aragorn and Èowyn exchange looks. Aragorn sets off to battle.]

[Legolas stands alone, shooting at the wargs and their riders. The column of riders appears behind him.]

[When Gimli's horse is near, Legolas swings himself up on the horse's back.]

[Wargs and Rohirrim run towards each other, swords drawn.]

[The warg riders and the Rohirrim crash at full speed. They fight.]

[Many wargs and their riders are killed. Gimli falls of the horse and a riderless warg heads towards him.]

Gimli: "Bring your pretty face to my axe!"

[Legolas shoots the warg as it attacks, before Gimli has the chance to kill it himself.]

Gimli: "Argh! That one counts as mine!"

[A dead warg lands on Gimli.]

Gimli: "Argh! Stinking creature. Argh!"

[A rider appears over the dead warg.]

[Gimli snaps the Orc's neck. Gimli tries to lift the creatures, but another warg crawls into view, growling.]

[Aragorn throws a spear at the warg, killing it. The dead warg lands on Gimli.]

[Théoden and Aragorn kill wargs and riders.]

[A warg jumps on Aragorn, who falls of his horse. He jumps on to a warg and fights with its rider. Aragorn is hit by the orc and falls to the side.]

[His hand is caught in the harness of the warg, and he gets dragged along. He fights with the orc, throwing him off. The warg runs off a cliff, Aragorn falling with it.]

[As the fighting dissipates, Legolas and Gimli look for Aragorn.]

Legolas: "Aragorn!"

Gimli: "Aragorn?"

[Gimli spots a dying orc on the ground, laughing. He bends down and points his axe at it.]

Gimli: "Tell me what happened and I will ease your passing!"

Orc: "He's… (cough)… dead. (Laughs). He took a little tumble off the cliff."

[Legolas grabs the orc.]

Legolas: "You lie!"

[The orc laughs, blood bubbling in his mouth. He falls back dead. Legolas stands up but sees the Evenstar in the orc's hand.]

[Legolas and Gimli approach the cliff and look down into the river below. Théoden approaches behind them.]

Théoden: "Get the wounded on horses. The wolves of Isengard will return."

Théoden: "Leave the dead."

Théoden: "Come."