Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

[Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli ride towards the burning carcasses.]

[Gimli starts to go through pile and pulls out a charred belt.]

Gimli: "It's one of their little belts."

[Legolas bows his head and closes his eyes.]

Legolas: "Hiro hyn hîdh ab wanath." (May they find peace in death.)

[Aragorn kicks at an orc helmet. He yells as if physically injured as he falls to his knees.]

Gimli: "We failed them."

[Aragorn looks to the side and tracks catch his attention.]

Aragorn: "A Hobbit lay here, and the other."

[Pippin yells as he looks up at a pair of thrashing hooves bearing down on him. He rolls over, avoiding them.]

Aragorn: "They crawled."

[Aragorn starts to follow the tracks, with Legolas and Gimli behind him.]

[Merry and Pippin crawl away from the battle.]

Aragorn: "Their hands were bound."

[Pippin rubs his bonds against an axe.]

Aragorn: "Their bonds were cut."

[Aragorn holds up a broken rope.]

Aragorn: "They ran over here… and were followed."

[The hobbits run away from the battle, dodging under a horse.]

[As they flee, Grishnák grabs Pippin by his belt.]

Merry: "The belt! Run!"

[Pippin undoes his belt and the hobbits run off into the trees.]

Aragorn: "The tracks lead away from the battle! Into… Fangorn Forest."

[The three look up into a very dense forest.]

Gimli: "Fangorn! What madness drove them in there?"

[The hobbits run in to the forest. They collapse onto the ground, panting.]

Pippin: "Did we lose him? I think we lost him."

[Grishnák bursts through the branches.]

Grishnák: "I'm gonna rip off your filthy little heads! Come here!"

Merry: "Trees! Climb a tree!"

[The hobbits climb. Merry looks around and then sighs in relief.]

Merry: "He's gone."

[Merry is pulled by his legs and falls to the ground. Grishnák leans over him. Merry tries to kick him off.]

Pippin: "Merry!"

[Pippin looks down and as he turns his head, he sees a pair of gleaming yellow eyes blinking in the tree.]

[The tree then starts to move.]

Pippin: "Argh!"

[Pippin loses his grip and falls. The tree catches him before he hits the ground.]

Grishnák: "Let's put a maggot hole in your belly."

[The tree stomps and squashes the orc.]

Pippin: "Run Merry!"

[Merry tries to run away but is scooped by the tree.]

Tree: "Little orcs! Búrarum."

[The tree starts to walk.]

Pippin: "It's talking Merry. The tree is talking."

Tree: "Tree! I am no tree! I am an Ent."

Merry: "Treeherder! A shepherd of the forest."

Pippin: "Don't talk to it Merry. Don't encourage it."

Tree: "Treebeard some call me."

Pippin: "And whose side are you on?"

Treebeard: "Side? I am on nobody's side. Because nobody is on my side, little orc."

Treebeard: "Nobody cares for the woods anymore."

Merry: "We are not orcs. We are Hobbits!"

Treebeard: "Hobbits? Never heard of a Hobbit before. Sounds like orc mischief to me."

[He strengthens his hold on the hobbits.]

Treebeard: "They come with fire, they come with axes. Biting, breaking, hacking, burning. Destroyers and usurpers. Curse them!"

Merry: "No! You don't understand. We are Hobbits, halflings. Shirefolk!"

Treebeard: "Maybe you are, and maybe you aren't. The White Wizard will know."

Pippin: "White Wizard?"

Merry: "Saruman!"

[Treebeard drops them on the ground and the Hobbits look up at a White Wizard.]