Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[Sam and Frodo approach the upper cone of the Orodruin. Sam spots a passage into the Chambers of Fire.]

Sam: "Look, Mister Frodo. A doorway! We're almost there."

[Gollum appears from behind a rock above the hobbits.]

Gollum: "Clever Hobbits, to climb so high!"

[Gollum pounces on Frodo and Sam.]

[Frodo falls from Sam's back. Gollum lands on Frodo and begins to strangle him.]

Gollum: "Mustn't go that way! Mustn't hurt the precious!"

Frodo: "You swore! You swore on the precious!"

Frodo: "Sméagol promised!"

[Gollum grins.]

Gollum: "Sméagol lied."

[Sam throws a rock a Gollum's head, knocking him off Frodo. Sam jumps on Gollum and they wrestle on the ground.]

[Nazgûl fly over the fighting at the Black Gate.]

[Gollum bites Sam.]

[Sam slices Gollum across the chest. As Gollum falls, Sam turns to look for Frodo.]

Sam: "Frodo!"

[Frodo, now re-energized, runs into the Cracks of Doom.]

[Back at the Black Gate, the Nazgûl descend. As Gandalf fights, a familiar moth flies in front of his face.]

[Gandalf's face brightens. Bird cries are heard.]

[Several Eagles appear and attack the Nazgûl.]

Pippin: "Eagles! The Eagles are coming!"

[The Nazgûl beasts and the Eagles fight.]

[Sam enters the door into the mountainside.]

Sam: "Frodo!"

[Frodo stands at on a ledge above a sea of molten lava.]

Frodo: "I'm here, Sam."

Sam: "Destroy it!"

[Frodo holds the Ring on its chain out above the lava.]

Sam: "Go on. Now! Throw it in the fire!"

[Frodo hesitates. The Ring begins to sing.]

Sam: "What are you waiting for? Just let it go!"

[Frodo stares at the Ring.]

[Frodo pauses, then cups it in his hand. He turns to Sam.]

Frodo: "The Ring is mine!"

[Frodo snaps the Ring off of its chain.]

Sam: "No. No!"

[Frodo puts on the Ring and disappears.]

Sam: "No!"

[The Eye of Sauron quickly turns its gaze to Mount Doom.]

[At the Black Gate, the surviving Nazgûl screech and fly towards the Ring.]

[In the Cracks of Doom, Frodo's footprints form on the ground in front of Sam.]

[Gollum appears over Sam's shoulder, and hits him with a rock. Sam drops to the ground.]

[Gollum spots Frodo's footprints, and runs up to Frodo, jumping on the invisible hobbit. Frodo struggles with Gollum.]

[Fighting continues at the Black Gate. Aragorn turns to look at a huge troll heading his way.]

[Aragorn engages the troll.]

[Sam awakes to see the struggle for the Ring.]

[Gollum makes a biting action, and Frodo reappears, his finger bitten off. Gollum takes the ring from the severed finger.]

[Aragorn is thrown to the ground. Legolas sees this and tries to make his way to Aragorn.]

[Gollum, at last reunited with the Ring, leaps for joy.]

Gollum: "Yes! Yes!"

[Aragorn and Legolas continue their struggle.]

[Frodo gets up and starts to walk toward Gollum.]

Gollum: "Precious! Precious! Precious! Precious!"

[Frodo lunges at Gollum. The two fight for the Ring.]

[At the Black Gate, the troll stomps on the fallen Aragorn. Aragorn takes out his dagger and stabs the troll in the foot.]

[Frodo and Gollum continue struggling. Together they tumble over the the side of the ledge. Gollum falls toward the lava, smiling and cradling the Ring on his way down.]

[Gollum hits the lava and burns up, leaving ashen remains that suspend the Ring just above the fire.]

[Frodo hangs on to the side of the cliff. Sam rushes to his aid.]

Sam: "Give me your hand!"

[Sam tries to grab Frodo, but cannot reach him.]

[The Ring's inscription appears.]

Sam: "Take my hand!"

[Frodo reaches for Sam, but his hand slips away.]

Sam: "No! Don't you let go!"

Sam: "Don't let go. Reach!"

[Frodo reaches and grabs Sam's hand.]

[Sam pulls up Frodo.]

[The Ring melts into the lava, destroyed.]

[The Eye cries out.]

[Sauron's troops look back to Mordor, then flee.]

[Left alone, Aragorn stands and with the others and looks on.]

[The tower of Barad-dûr slowly falls over.]

[The Eye of Sauron disappears, letting lose a great shockwave.]

[The army of the West cheers.]

[The surrounding landscape crumbles.]

[The Black Gate collapses as the ground caves in. Much of Sauron's army falls as well.]

Merry: "Frodo! Frodo!"

[The men yell in victory.]

[Mount Doom erupts in a large explosion.]

[The eruption kills the remaining Nazgûl.]

[Frodo and Sam run out of the exploding cracks. They find temporary refuge from the lava on outcropping of rock.]