Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[At the top of the Tower of Cirith Ungol, Frodo awakes.]

[His hands are bound with rope and his clothes have been taken.]

[Gorbag and Shagrat paw through a pile of the hobbit's belongings. Gorbag discovers the Mithril shirt.]

Shagrat: "Hands off that shiny shirt! That's mine!"

Gorbag: "It's going to the Great Eye! Along with everything else."

[Frodo reaches for his chest, checking for the ring, which is missing.]

Shagrat: "I don't take orders from stinking Morgul rats!"

[Gorbag grabs a sword and points it at the Uruk.]

Gorbag: "You touch it and I'll stick this blade in your gut!"

[The two orcs wrestle. Gorbag is pushed down a ladder and lands in the middle of a pack or orcs. Shagrat looks down.]

Shagrat: "The scum tried to knife me! Kill 'em!"

[Shagrat's Uruks attack. One of the orcs is thrown down to the ground level, where Gorbag's troops sit. Fighting breaks out all over the tower as the orc factions attack each other.]

[Later, Sam enters the tower, passing some slain orcs.]

[He climbs the stairs and sees the shadows of approaching orcs. Sam grunts and growls, frightening the orcs, who see a large shadow of the hobbit. As Sam appears, the orcs chuckle and set on the hobbit.]

[Sam, wielding Sting, fights them off.]

Sam: "That's for Frodo! That one's for the Shire! And that's for my old Gaffer!"

[As Sam ascends the stairs, an Orc appears carrying the mithril shirt. He glances around and escapes.]

[Sam runs up the tower. In the top room, Frodo struggles with his bonds. Snaga appears over him.]

Snaga: "Stop your squirming, you dung hill rat! I'm gonna bleed you like a stuck pig!"

[Snaga moves to stab Frodo, but stops short as a glowing Sting appears poking through his chest. Sam appears from behind the orc.]

Sam: "Not if I stick you first."

[Sting stops glowing. Snaga drops to the floor, dead.]

Frodo: "Sam!"

Frodo: "Oh Sam, I'm so sorry! Sorry for everything."

Sam: "Let's get you out of here."

Frodo: "It's too late. It's over. They've taken It! Sam! They took the Ring!"

Sam: "Begging your pardon, but they haven't."

[Sam takes out the ring from his pocket, still on Frodo's chain necklace.]

Sam: "I thought I'd lost you… so I took it. Only for safekeeping."

Frodo: "Give it to me. Give me the ring, Sam."

[The ring begins to speak. Sam hesitates, looking confused.]

Frodo: "Sam! Give me the Ring."

[Sam holds out the ring to Frodo, who snatches it quickly. Frodo puts the necklace back on.]

Frodo: "You must understand, the Ring is my burden. It will destroy you, Sam."

Sam: "Come on, Mister Frodo. We best find you some clothes. You can't go walking to Mordor in naught but your skin."

[Two small figures in orc armor walk awkwardly out of the tower. They reach a hill overlooking Mordor.]

Sam: "We did it, Mister Frodo. We made it to Mordor."

[Frodo looks at the many orc campfires standing between him and Mount Doom.]

Frodo: "There are so many of them. We'll never get through unseen!"

[From the top of the tower of Barad-dûr, the Eye of Sauron scans the landscape.]

Frodo: "It's Him! The Eye!"

[Frodo stands transfixed.]

Sam: "We have to go in there, Mister Frodo. There's nothing for it. Well, let's make it down the hill for starters, shall we?"

[The two hobbits walk down into Mordor.]