Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[Denethor pours oil over himself and a rousing Faramir.]

Denethor: "Set a fire in our flesh!"

[Soldiers, with lit torches, approach Denethor.]

[Gandalf bursts through the mausoleum door.]

Gandalf: "Stay this madness!"

[The guards stop, but Denethor grabs a torch.]

Denethor: "You may triumph in the field of battle for a day, but against the power that has risen in the east, there is no victory."

[Denethor tosses the torch on the pyre. As the fire lights, Gandalf takes up a spear and charges Denethor, knocking him off the pyre.]

[Pippin leaps from Shadowfax onto the pyre and rolls Faramir down off it.]

[A burning Denethor rises and attacks Pippin.]

Denethor: "No! You will not take my son from me!"

[Shadowfax knocks Denethor onto the burning pyre.]

[Faramir opens his eyes and looks at his father.]

Denethor: "Faramir… my son. Ah!"

[Engulfed in flames, Denethor runs out of the mausoleum.]

Gandalf: "So passes Denethor, son of Ecthelion."

[Denethor falls from the edge of Minas Tirith.]

[On Pelennor Fields, the Rohirrim are routing the orcs.]

Éomer: "Drive them back to the river!"

Théoden: "Make safe this city!"

[As the Rohirrim drive away the Orcs, giant war Oliphaunts (Mûmakil) come into view.]

[Haradrim, mounted on the Mûmakil, blow horns.]

[The Mûmakil run past the retreating Orcs.]

[The King of Rohan does not hesitate.]

Théoden: "Reform the line! Reform the line! Sound the charge!"

[Gamling blows his horn.]

Théoden: "Rohirrim! Charge!"

[The Rohirrim run headlong into the Mûmakil, which dwarf them.]

[The Oliphaunts crush many Rohirrim, although some hit the beasts with arrows and spears.]

[Haradrim shoot arrows down at the Rohirrim.]

[Oliphaunts trample some of the Rohirrim.]

[Gamling rides under a Mûmakil, shooting arrows into it's belly.]

[Éomer twirls his spear and hurls it at one of the Haradrim captains.]

[The Oliphaunt staggers and falls into another Mûmakil.]

[Éowyn and Merry ride between the legs of the beasts.]

Éowyn (to Merry): "Take the reins. Pull it left! Left!"

[Éowyn slices open the legs of an Oliphaunt, felling it.]

Éomer: "Aim for the head!"

Gamling: "Make for the oliphaunts!"

[One of the oliphaunts is riddled with spears.]

Théoden: "Bring it down! Bring it down! Bring it down!"

[Éowyn throws a spear that lands in a oliphaunt's leg. The wounded beast falls and knocks Éowyn and Merry off their horse.]

[Éowyn scrambles out of the way to avoid being crushed. She looks around franticly.]

Éowyn: "Merry!"

[Théoden fights off Orcs. Éowyn fights off several of them.]

[Théoden looks at her with possible recognition.]

[Merry emerges and is attacked. He fights off several Orcs, including one who picks him up.]

[Éowyn exchanges blows with Gothmog.]