Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[Sting begins to glow (a sign that orcs are nearby). Sam hears them approaching.]

Gorbag: "You get lost, scum!"

[Sam hides. A small group of orcs appear. One is a small orc (Gorbag) and another is a large Uruk-hai (Shagrat). They spot Frodo's body.]

Shagrat: "What's this? Looks like ol' Shelob's been having a bit of fun."

Gorbag: "Killed another one, has she?"

Shagrat: "No. This fellow ain't dead!"

Sam (whispers): "Not dead?"

[Shagrat pokes Frodo's cocoon.]

Shagrat: "She jabs them with her stinger… and he goes as limp as a boned fish! Then she has her way with them. That's how she likes to feed. Fresh blood!"

Shagrat: "Get him to the tower!"

[The orcs pick up Frodo. Sam watches.]

Sam (to himself): "Samwise, you fool!"

Gorbag: "This scum will be awake in a couple of hours."

Shagrat: "Then he'll wish he'd never been born!"

[The orcs head back to the tower.]

[At Minas Tirith, Pippin enters the mausoleum of the Stewards.]

[A pyre of wood is built around and on top of the stone platform. Faramir is placed on the platform. He moans softly.]

Denethor: "The house of his spirit crumbles. He is burning. Already burning."

[Pippin runs to the pyre.]

Pippin: "He's not dead!"

[Pippin tugs on the bundles of wood.]

Pippin: "He's not dead! No! No! He's not dead!"

[Denethor picks up Pippin by the collar and carries him away.]

Denethor: "Hear now, Peregrin, son of Paladin: I release you from my service."

[Denethor tosses Pippin out of the mausoleum.]

Denethor: "Go now and die in what way seems best for you."

[Denethor slams the mausoleum door shut.]

Denethor (to his men): "Pour oil on the wood!"

[Pippin runs off.]

Pippin: "Gandalf! Gandalf! Gandalf!"

[Gandalf leads the soldiers at the city gates.]

Gandalf: "Retreat! The city is breached. Pull back! To the second level! Get the women and children out. Get them out! Retreat!"

[The soldiers retreat, suffering heavy casualties.]

[Outside the gate, the orc general nods with satisfaction.]

Gothmog: "Move into the city. Kill all in your path."

[Orcs swarm into the city.]

Gandalf: "Fight! Fight to the last man! Fight for your lives!"