Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[As the orc army nears Minas Tirith, a horse drags a wounded Faramir to its gates.]

Soldier: "Open the gates! Quick!"

[The horse walks through the open gates. Faramir's foot is caught in the stirrup. Arrows protrude from his armor.]

[Gothmog rides a snarling warg though the orc army.]

[Faramir is taken, on a litter, to the citadel's courtyard.]

Irolas: "Quick! Hurry!"

[Gothmog dismounts and stumbles, but shoves off help from another orc.]

[Denethor runs out to Faramir. The soldiers set down the litter near the white tree.]

Denethor: "Faramir? Say not that he has fallen."

Irolas: "They were outnumbered. None survived."

[Orcs approach the city. Gothmog sniffs contemptuously.]

Gothmog: "Fear. The city is rank with it."

Gothmog: "Let us ease their pain. Release the prisoners!"

[An orc lieutenant with a skull impaled on top of his helmet relays the order.]

Skully: "Catapults! Ha!"

[The orc catapults throw debris over the walls.]

Soldier: "Shields up!"

[soldiers duck behind their shields as the heads of their fellow soldiers fall.]

Denethor: "My sons are spent."

[Denethor steps away from Faramir. Pippin approaches.]

Denethor: "My line has ended."

Pippin (looking at Faramir): "He's alive!"

Denethor: "The house of Stewards has failed."

Pippin: "He needs medicine my lord!"

Denethor: "My line has ended!"

[Denethor wanders to the edge of the courtyard. He looks down to see the orc army.]

Pippin: "My lord!"

Denethor: "Rohan has deserted us."

[Orc catapults fling boulders at the city. People cry and run.]

Denethor: "Théoden has betrayed me."

[More boulders fall.]

Denethor: "Abandon your posts! Flee! Flee for you lives!"

[Gandalf smacks Denethor with his staff, knocking him out.]

Gandalf: "Prepare for battle."

[Gandalf rides down to rally the soldiers.]

Gandalf: "Pull them in! To the wall! Defend the wall! Return to your posts!"

[The soldiers return to their posts. Gandalf looks out at the opposing army.]

Gandalf: "Send these foul beasts into the abyss!"

[Soldiers use trebuchets to launch large rocks at the orc army. The masonry squashes some of the orcs. The orcs around Gothmog shift fearfully.]

Gothmog (to the Orcs): "Stay where you are."

[The catapults and trebuchets fire at each other.]

Soldier #1: "Watch out!"

Soldier #2: "Down to the lower level. Quick!"

[Pippin runs down into the city with his fellow guardsmen.]

[A large rock arcs out from the city towards Gothmog. Nearby orcs scramble out of the way. Gothmog sidesteps the boulder as it falls.

[A troll looks on with a confused stare.]

[Gothmog spits on the boulder.]

[The Nazgûl shriek and fly in over the city.]

[The Nazgûl begin to tear down the trebuchets.]

Gandalf: "Hold them back. Do not give in to fear! Stay at your posts!"

[Trolls push the siege towers to the walls of Minas Tirith. Pipplin loses his helmet.]

Gandalf: "Don't aim for the towers. Aim for the trolls. Kill the trolls! Fight them back!"

[Battering rams assault the main gates.]

[Pippin arrives at the walls, looking dazed. Gandalf sees him.]

Gandalf: "Peregrin Took! Go back to the citadel! Now!"

Pippin (subdued): "They called us out to fight."

[Orcs pour out of one of the siege towers. Gandalf fights them off.]

Gandalf: "This is no place for a hobbit!"

[An orc moves to strike Gandalf. Pippin stabs the orc, killing it.]

[Pippin stares at his bloodstained sword.]

Gandalf: "Guard of the Citadel indeed! Now back up the hill! Quick! Quick!"

[Orcs make several failed attempts to batter down the city gates. Gondorians rain arrows down on them.]

Gothmog: "What are you doing, you useless scum?"

Orc Captain: "The door won't give. It's too strong."

Gothmog: "Get back there and smash it down."

Orc Captain: "But nothing can breach it."

[More Orcs fall at the gate.]

Gothmog: "Grond will breach it."

Gothmog: "Bring up the wolf's head."

[Orcs chant as a great battering ram is pulled and pushed towards the city gates.]

Orcs: "Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond!"