Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[A cloaked rider approaches the upper encampment at Dunharrow.]

[Sleeping, Aragorn dreams of Arwen.]

Arwen (voiceover): "I choose a mortal life. I wish I could have seen him, one last time."

[The Evenstar pendant falls to the floor and shatters.]

[Aragorn wakes with a shout, drawing his knife. A soldier stands in the tent doorway.]

Soldier: "Sir? King Théoden awaits you, my Lord."

[Aragorn walks to the king's tent.]

[Aragorn enters Théoden's tent. Théoden stands next to a seated, cloaked figure.]

Théoden: "I take my leave."

[Théoden exits. The cloaked figure stands and approaches Aragorn, lifting his hood.]

Aragorn (bows): "My Lord, Elrond."

Elrond: "I come on behalf of one whom I love."

Elrond: "Arwen is dying. She will not long survive the evil that now spreads from Mordor. The light of the Evenstar is failing. As Sauron's power grows, her strength wanes. Arwen's life is now tied to the fate of the Ring. The shadow is upon us, Aragorn. The end has come."

Aragorn: "It will not be our end but His."

Elrond: "You ride to war but not to victory."

Elrond: "Sauron's armies march on Minas Tirith, as you know, but in secret He sends another force, which will attack from the river. A fleet of Corsair ships sails from the South. They'll be in the city in two days."

[Ships are shown gliding through the water, past burning buildings.]

Elrond: "You're outnumbered, Aragorn. You need more men."

Aragorn: "There are none."

Elrond: "There are those who… dwell in the mountain."

[A flash is shows of a ghost.]

Aragorn: "Murderers! Traitors! You would call upon them to fight? They believe in nothing! They answer to no one."

Elrond: "They will answer to the King of Gondor!"

[Elrond reveals a sword.]

Elrond: "Andúril… Flame of the West. Forged from the shards of Narsil."

Aragorn: "Sauron will not have forgotten the Sword of Elendil."

[Aragorn draws the sword.]

Aragorn: "The blade that was broken shall return to Minas Tirith."

Elrond: "The man who can wield the power of this sword can summon to him an army more deadly than any that walks this earth. Put aside the ranger. Become who you were born to be. Take the Dimholt road."

[Aragorn looks uncertain.]

Elrond: "Ónen i-Estel Edain." (I gave Hope to the Dúnedain.)

Aragorn: "Ú-chebin Estel anim." (I have kept no hope for myself.)

[Aragorn readies his horse to depart. Éowyn approaches.]

Éowyn: "Why are you doing this? The war lies to the East. You cannot leave on the eve of battle!"

Éowyn (struggling for words): "You cannot abandon the men."

Aragorn: "Éowyn…"

Éowyn: "We need you here."

Aragorn: "Why have you come?"

Éowyn: "Do you not know?"

Aragorn: "It is but a shadow and a thought that you love. I cannot give you what you seek."

Aragorn: "I have you wished you joy since first I saw you."

[He touches her face then turns away.]

[Éowyn is shocked and saddened.]

[Aragorn approaches the Dimholt road alone.]

Gimli: "Just where do you think you're off to?"

Aragorn: "Not this time. This time you must stay, Gimli."

[Legolas appears with his horse.]

Legolas: "Have you learned nothing of the stubbornness of dwarves?"

Gimli: "Might as well accept it. We're going with you, laddie."

[The three start off on the Dimholt road, as soldiers look on.]

Soldier #1: "What's happening?"

Soldier #2: "Where's he going?"

Soldier #3: "I don't understand."

Soldier #4: "Lord Aragorn!"

[The riders disappear into the darkness.]

Soldier #5: "Why does he leave on the eve of battle?"

Gamling: "He leaves because there is no hope."

Théoden: "He leaves because he must."

Gamling: "Too few have come. We cannot defeat the armies of Mordor."

Théoden: "No, we cannot."

Théoden: "But we will meet them in battle nonetheless."

[The men nod in agreement.]