Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[On a ledge on the secret stair, Sam, Frodo, and Gollum rest. Sam checks Gollum, who appears asleep.]

[Sam falls asleep. Gollum opens his eyes, and makes for Sam's backpack.]

[He takes out the Lembas, looking disgusted with it.]

Gollum: "Ugh!"

[Gollum scatters bread crumbs on Sam's cloak. He then throws the remainder of the food over the ledge.]

[As Gollum turns away, Sam confronts him.]

Sam: "Where are you off to? Sneaking off are we?"

Gollum: "Sneaking? Sneaking! Fat hobbit is always so polite."

Gollum: "Sméagol shows them secret ways that nobody else could find and they say sneak. Sneak? Very nice friend. Oh yes, my precious, very nice, very…"

Sam: "All right! All right! You just startled me, that's all. What are you doing?"

Gollum (grinning): "Sneaking."

Sam: "Fine. Have it you own way."

[Sam wakes Frodo.]

Sam: "I'm sorry to wake you, Mister Frodo. We have to be moving on."

Frodo: "It's dark still."

Sam: "It's always dark here."

[Sam checks his pack.]

Sam: "It's gone! The elven bread!"

Frodo: "What? That's all we have left!"

Sam (pointing to Gollum): "He took it! He must have!"

Gollum: "Sméagol? No, no, no poor Sméagol. Sméagol hates nasty Elf bread."

Sam: "You lying rat! What did you do with it!"

Frodo: "He doesn't eat it. He can't have taken it!"

Gollum (feigning surprise): "Look, what's this?"

[Gollum wipes the Lembas crumbs off Sam.]

Gollum: "Crumbs on his jacketses. He took it. He took it!"

Gollum: "I've seen him. He is always stuffing his face when Master is not looking."

Sam: "That's a filthy lie! You stinking filth face!"

[Sam starts whacking Gollum.]

Frodo: "Sam! Stop it! No, Sam!"

Sam: "I'll kill him!"

[Frodo intervenes.]

Frodo: "Sam! No!"

[Frodo collapses. Sam halts his attack and tends to an exhausted Frodo.]

Sam: "Oh my! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it to go so far. I was just so, so angry. Here. You just… just rest a bit."

Frodo: "I'm all right."

Sam: "No, no you're not all right. You're exhausted. It's that Gollum. It's this place. It's that thing around your neck."

[Frodo gives Sam a worried look.]

Sam: "I… could help a bit. I could carry it for a while…"

Sam (his voice echoes in Frodo's head): "carry it for a while… I could carry it… carry it… share the load… the load."

Frodo: "Get away!"

Sam: "I don't want to keep it! I just want to help!"

Gollum: "See? See! He wants it for himself."

Sam: "Shut up you! Go away! Get out of here!"

Frodo: "No Sam. It's you. I'm sorry, Sam."

[Sam cries.]

Sam: "But, he's a liar! He's poisoned you against me!"

Frodo: "You can't help me anymore."

Sam: "You don't mean that."

Frodo: "Go home."

[Sam collapses, still crying.]

[Frodo and Gollum continue up the stairs.]