Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

[Night comes to Edoras. In a communal sleeping room, Gimli snores and Pippin tosses, looking worried.]

[Aragorn leaves, carrying his pipe. He pauses to stoke a fire near a sleeping Éowyn.]

[As Éowyn stirs, Aragorn covers her feet and shoulders with a blanket.]

Éowyn: "What time is it?"

Aragorn: "Not yet dawn."

[Éowyn grabbs his hand.]

Éowyn: "I dreamed I saw a great wave, climbing over green lands and above the hills. I stood upon the brink. It was uppterly dark in the abyss before my feet."

Éowyn: "A light shone behind me but I could not turn. I could only stand there, waiting."

Aragorn: "Night changes many thoguhts. Sleep, Éowyn."

Aragorn: "Sleep… while you can."

[Aragorn exits the Golden Hall and approaches Legolas.]

[They look toward Mordor.]

Legolas: "The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East. A sleepless malice. The Eye of the enemy is moving."

[Indoors, Pippin wakes up and approaches a sleeping Gandalf.]

Merry: "What are you doing? Pippin! Pippin?"

[Gandalf is asleep, although his eyes are open. Pippin waves a hand over Gandalf's face to make sure.]

[Pippin takes the Palantír from Gandalf, replacing the space in Gandalf's hands with a chamberpot.]

Merry: "Pippin! Are you mad?"

Pippin: "I just want to look at it! Just one more time."

Merry: "Put it back!"

[Pippin unwraps the stone.]

Merry: "Pippin. No! Pippin!"

[Pippin becomes affixed to the now glowing stone. Outside, Legolas turns to Aragorn.]

Legolas: "He is here!"

Sauron (to Pippin): "I see you!"

Merry: "Pippin! Help! Gandalf Help him! Someone help him!"

[Aragorn and Legolas enter. Everyone awakes. Pippin, stuck to the burning orb, writhes in pain.]

[Aragorn takes the Palantír and falls to his knees.]

[The Palantír falls from Aragorn's hands and rolls across the floor. Gandalf throws a cloth over it.]

Merry: "Pippin!"

Gandalf: "Fool of a Took!"

[Gandalf tends to a terrified Pippin.]

Gandalf: "Look at me."

Pippin: "Gandalf! Forgive me!"

[Pippin looks away.]

Gandalf: "Look at me. What did you see?"

Pippin: "A tree… there was a white tree in a courtyard of stone… it was dead. The city was burning."

[The courtyard of Minas Tirith is shown.]

Gandalf: "Minas Tirith? Is that what you saw?"

Pippin: "I saw… I saw Him! I could hear His voice in my head!"

Gandalf: "And what did you tell Him? Speak!"

Pippin: "He asked me my name. I didn't answer."

Pippin: "He hurt me!"

Gandalf: "What did you tell Him about Frodo and the Ring?"