Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

[Elrond appears.]

Elrond: "Lasto beth nîn. Tolo dan na ngalad." (Hear my voice, come back to the light.)

[Frodo is lying in a vast bed.]

Frodo: "Where am I?"

Gandalf's voice: "You are in the house of Elrond. And it is ten o'clock in the morning, on October the twenty-fourth, if you want to know."

[Frodo wakes up.]

Frodo: "Gandalf!"

[Gandalf is seated on Frodo's bed, smoking his pipe. The bedroom opens on to a beautiful garden. The noise of falling water is mixed with bird song. Leaves are gently falling.]

Gandalf: "Yes… I'm here. And you're lucky to be here, too. A few more hours and you would have been beyond our aid. But you have some strength in you, my dear hobbit!"

Frodo: "What happened, Gandalf? Why didn't you meet us?"

Gandalf: "Oh I'm sorry Frodo… I was delayed."

[Flashback to Isengard. On the tower top, Saruman is using his powers to flip Gandalf about. He then dangles him over the edge of Orthanc.]

Saruman: "Friendship with Saruman is not lightly thrown aside. One ill turn deserves another. It is over! Embrace the power of the Ring… or embrace your own destruction!"

[Gandalf lies at full stretch, completely at Saruman's mercy.]

[A tiny white moth flutters across between them. Gandalf observes it as Saruman continues to taunt him.]

[Saruman hurls Gandalf back towards the platform.]

Gandalf: [slowly raises himself as the shadowy form of an eagle appears in the background] "There is only one Lord of the Ring! Only one who can bend it to his will. And he… does… not… share… power!"

[The eagle screeches. Gandalf leaps off the Tower of Orthanc and lands on the eagle's back.]

Saruman: "So you have chosen… death."

[Gwaihir flies over the mountains, bearing Gandalf to safety.]

Frodo: "Gandalf? What is it?"

Gandalf: "Nothing, Frodo."

[Sam enters the room and rushes to Frodo's side, clasping his hand in joy.]

Sam: "Frodo! Frodo!"

Frodo: "Sam!"

Sam: "Bless you, you're awake!"

[Frodo laughs.]

Gandalf: "Sam has hardly left your side."

Sam: "We were that worried about you, weren't we Mister Gandalf?"

Gandalf: "By the skills of Lord Elrond, you're beginning to mend."

Elrond: [entering the room and smiles down at Frodo] "Welcome to Rivendell, Frodo Baggins."

[Rivendell sits high above a gorge which is thick with pines and deciduous shrubs. Delicate, lacy waterfalls trace their way down to the river below. A stone bridge spans the chasm as a cloaked rider upon a white horse plods towards the house.]

[In the gardens, Frodo is reunited with his friends.]

[Frodo spots a familiar figure sitting on a stone seat, reading from a large Red Book.]

Frodo: "Bilbo!"

[Bilbo looks aged and frail. He leans heavily upon a staff as he gets up to greet Frodo.]

Bilbo: "Hello, Frodo my lad!"

Frodo: "Bilbo!" [hugs him]

Bilbo: "Oh!"

[Frodo reads aloud from Bilbo's book.]

Frodo: "'There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale by Bilbo Baggins.'" [leafs through the book] "This is wonderful!"

Bilbo: "I meant to go back… wander the paths of Mirkwood… visit Laketown… see the Lonely Mountain again. But age it seems, has finally caught up with me."

[He gives Frodo a sad smile. Frodo stops to look at the map of the Shire.]

Frodo: "I miss the Shire. I spent all my childhood pretending I was off somewhere else… off with you on one of your adventures! My own adventure turned out to be quite different. I'm not like you, Bilbo."

Bilbo: [pats Frodo's cheek] "My dear boy."

[On the balcony, Sam is trying to pack his bags.]

Sam (to himself): "Now what have I forgotten?"

Frodo: "Packed already?"

Sam: "No harm in being prepared."

Frodo: "I thought you wanted to see the Elves, Sam."

Sam: "I do!"

Frodo: "More than anything."

Sam: "I did! It's just… we did what Gandalf wanted didn't we? We got the Ring this far to Rivendell and then I thought, seein' as how you're on the mend, we'd be off soon. Off home."

Frodo: "You're right Sam. We did what we set out to do." [shows the Ring on his palm] "The Ring will be safe in Rivendell. I am ready to go home."