Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

[The following morning, Strider leads the four hobbits and a newly acquired pony away from the village of Bree.]

Frodo: "Where are you taking us?"

Strider: "Into the wild."

Merry: "How do we know this Strider is a friend of Gandalf?"

Frodo: "I think a servant of the Enemy would look fairer and feel fouler."

Merry: "He's foul enough!"

Frodo: "We have no choice but to trust him."

Sam: "But where is he leading us?"

Strider: "To Rivendell, Master Gamgee. To the House of Elrond."

Sam: "Did you hear that? Rivendell! We're going to see the Elves!"

[The Hobbits pause, pulling cookware and food from their packs. Strider looks back at them.]

Strider: "Gentlemen, we do not stop 'till nightfall."

Pippin: "What about breakfast?"

Strider: "We've already had it."

Pippin: "We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?" [Strider walks away.]

Merry: "Don't think he knows about second breakfast Pip."

Pippin: "What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them doesn't he?"

Merry: "I wouldn't count on it."

[From over the bushes, Strider tosses an apple and Merry catches it. He hands it to Pippin and pats him on the shoulder. Another apple flies through the air, hitting Pippin in the head. He looks up bewildered.]

Merry: "Pippin!"

[The party slowly make their way through increasingly rough country. It becomes darker and the forest gives way to flat marshland. All go up to their knees in the sludgy mire. The conditions are made worse by an army of midges which attack them unmercifully. Merry slaps despairingly at the cloud of pests hovering around him.]

Merry: "What do they eat — when they can't get Hobbit?"

[Behind him, Pippin stumbles and falls into the mire.]

[They make camp for the night. Strider manages to kill a deer which he brings back for their rations.]

[The Moon rises as the hobbits fall asleep. Strider keeps watch by the fire. He hums a tune softly.]

Strider (singing):

"Tinúviel elvanui,
Elleth alfirin ethelhael
O hon ring finnil fuinui
A renc gelebrin thiliol."

(Tinúviel the elven-fair,
Immortal maiden elven-wise,
About him cast her night-dark hair,
And arms like silver glimmering.)

[Frodo wakes, hearing Aragorn's song. He lifts himself up and stares at the Ranger.]

Frodo: "Who is she? This woman you sing of?"

Strider (sadly): "'Tis the Lay of Lúthien. The Elf-maiden who gave her love to Beren, a mortal."

Frodo: "What happened to her?"

Strider: [looks away] "She died."

[He sighs. His face bears a hint of tears. He turns back to Frodo.]

Strider: "Get some sleep, Frodo."

[Saruman is in the Chamber of the Palantír at Isengard. His hand is suspended over the Stone, and a fiery light is in its depths. The eye of Sauron appears within the Palantir. Saruman, eyes closed, appears to be communicating with Sauron by pure thought.]

Saruman: "The power of Isengard is at your command, Sauron, Lord of the Earth."

Sauron: "Build me an army worthy of Mordor!"

[Saruman is sitting on a chair in one of his chambers, his arms wound about him. He looks haunted. Three puny Orcs file into the room.]

First Orc: "What orders from Mordor my Lord? What does the Eye command?"

Saruman: "We have work to do."

[Huge trees are being felled, their creaks and groans like cries of pain as they are brought crashing down by Orcs.]

[On the pinnacle of Orthanc, Gandalf, dishevelled and scarred, wakes. He slowly pushes himself up and moves to the edge and peers down at the activity surrounding the tower.]

Orcs: "The trees are strong, my Lord. Their roots go deep."

Saruman: "Rip them all down!"

[Strider and the Hobbits have left the marshland behind and are now crossing rough rocky country. Strider stops and looks at the ruins atop a tall hill.]

Strider: "This was the great watchtower of Amon Sûl. We shall rest here tonight."

[The Hobbits, weary from the long travel, fling off their packs and settle down in an overhang near the hill's summit.]

[Strider opens a bundle, revealing four short swords. He hands them to his companions.]

Strider: "These are for you. Keep them close. I'm going to have a look around. Stay here."

[Frodo wakes up with a start. Merry, Pippin and Sam are gathered around a fire.]

Merry: "My tomato's burst."

Pippin: "Can I have some bacon?"

Merry: "Okay. Want some tomatoes Sam?"

Frodo: "What are you doing?!"

Merry: "Tomatoes, sausages, nice crispy bacon."

Sam: "We saved some for you, Mister Frodo."

Frodo: "Put it out, you fools! Put it out!"

[He stamps on the fire, trying to douse the flames.]

Pippin: "Oh, that's nice! Ash on my tomatoes!"

[Suddenly, a Nazgûl's cry pierces the darkness. The hobbits jump up, startled, and look over the lip of the overhang.]

[The hobbits see five Nazgûl closing in on Amon Sûl.]

[The hobbits unsheathe their small swords.]

All: "Uh?!"

[Frodo motions the others to run up the steps, towards the ruins.]

Frodo: "Go!"

[The dark night surrounds them as they climb to the top.]

[The hobbits stand in the ring of broken pillars of the old ruin, eyes darting about; shadows rise out of the dark.]

[The Nazgûl surround them, pulling out their long swords.]

[Sam, Merry and Pippin prepare to defend Frodo.]

Sam: [brandishing his sword] "Back you devils!"

[Sam clashes swords with the Nazgûl, but is swiftly thrown aside. Merry and Pippin close the gap in front of Frodo, but they too are cast aside.]

[Frodo backs across the hill, dropping his sword with a clatter.]

[He stumbles, falls, and crawls backward until he is backed against a fallen column. Frodo brings out the Ring from his pocket.]

[Immediately, the leader of the Wraiths approaches Frodo, drawing a long dagger.]

[Frodo tries to scramble back, but has nowhere to go. He slips on the Ring. The world changes. The Nazgûls' true forms are revealed to him, shining like ghostly kings.]

[The Witch-King reaches out for the Ring, and the Ring responds, lifting Frodo's own hand towards the wraith.]

[Frodo yanks his hand back. The King stabs him through the left shoulder with his long dagger, pinning him to the ground, then reaches again for the Ring. Frodo cries out in pain.]

[Strider leaps over Frodo and attacks the Nazgûl with both sword and flaming brand.]

[The King withdraws his dagger and drops it. Frodo summons pulls the Ring from his finger. He reappears.]

Frodo: "Ah!"

Sam: "Frodo!" [rushes to his side.]

Frodo: "Oh Sam!"

[Strider continues to fight the Nazgûl, torch in one hand, sword in another. He sets them afire and drives them away.]

Sam: "Strider! Help him, Strider!"

Strider: "He's been stabbed by a Morgul blade." [The blade dissolves.]

Strider: "This is beyond my skill to heal. He needs Elvish medicine."

[Strider carries Frodo over his shoulder and proceeds to leave Amon Sûl, the other hobbits following closely behind them. Nazgûl cries are still heard in the area.]

Strider: "Hurry!"

Sam: "We're six days from Rivendell. He'll never make it!"

Frodo: "Gandalf…"

Strider: "Hold on, Frodo."

Frodo: "Gandalf!"