Wizardry VI Maps

Castle Entrance

Wizardry 6 Castle Entrance

Castle Upper

Wizardry 6 Castle Upper 1

Castle Lower 1

Wizardry 6 Castle Lower 1

Castle Lower 2

Wizardry 6 Castle Lower 2

Hall of the Dead

Wizardry 6 Hall of the Dead


Wizardry 6 Forest

Hazardous Area

Wizardry 6 Hazardous Area

Mines 1

Wizardry 6 Mines 1

Mines 2

Wizardry 6 Mines 2

Mines 3 & 4

Wizardry 6 Mines 3-4

Mountain Area

Wizardry 6 Mountain Area

Pyramid Basement

Wizardry 6 Pyramid Basement

Pyramid Entrance

Wizardry 6 Pyramid Entrance


Wizardry 6 Pyramid

River Styx

Wizardry 6 River Styx


Wizardry 6 Swamp

Temple of Ramm

Wizardry 6 Temple of Ramm

These Wizardry VI Maps are copyrighted 1996 by Philip M. Reynolds and The Adventure Workshop. Zipped files containing all of these maps are also available from the Files page.

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