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September 2017

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  1. Chronicle Books is the quirky publisher that made a big bet on retail [Marketplace]
  2. 6th-Century Writing Discovered Inside Medieval Bookbinding [Mental Floss]
  3. The Academic Library and the Promise of NGDLE [EDUCAUSE Review]
  4. Why You Should Read That Whole Text Book Right Now [Wired]
  5. UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it [The Seattle Times]
  6. Libraries and the Art of Everything Maintenance [American Libraries]
  7. In the ‘Fake News’ Era, Americans Increasingly Value Libraries [CityLab]
  8. The ‘internet of things’ is sending us back to the Middle Ages [The Conversation]
  9. Study Looks At How People Think About Free Speech [Morning Edition]
  10. After a Member’s Ouster from Newbery Medal Committee, a Closer Look at Social Media Rules [School Library Journal]
  11. The British Library is racing to save archived sounds from decay [Wired]
  12. A Few Bad Scientists Are Threatening to Topple Taxonomy [Smithsonian]
  13. 'Monkey Selfie' Lawsuit Ends With Settlement Between PETA, Photographer [NPR]
  14. How the CD-ROM Killed the Physical Encyclopedia [Motherboard]
  15. Kansas City Libraries Defend Free Speech in Face of Arrests, Resignations [Library Journal]
  16. German universities plan for life without Elsevier [THE News]
  17. Information literacy lost: Most CPS schools no longer have librarians [Chicago Tribune]
  18. Politicians Write Lots Of Books. Here’s How Far Into Them People Read. [FiveThirtyEight]
  19. Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity: Members of the Association of Research Libraries Employee Demographics and Director Perspectives [Ithaka S+R]
  20. Meet the Font Detectives Who Ferret Out Fakery [Wired]

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